Hi there!

How’s your day going? We are glad you’re here and taking a little moment for yourself…because we all know that’s a victory in itself.

Welcome to our little family of 3, Mason, Megan and Leila. She is our ‘little one’ and we love her to death. Leila’s bright smile and big brown eyes have captured us from the moment she was born!

We are new to this world of parenting but feel there is so much goodness to learn in the process. It’s a humbling experience to walk this journey together- full of early morning cuddles, splashing in the bath, making messes, cleaning messes, learning from mistakes, tiny shoes, park swings, packing for trips, visiting family, playing with friends, and overall, complete joy.

Every ‘little one’ is a gift to cherish and love with all you have. We hope to share some of our stories, our favorite baby brands, and a whole lot of fun with you. Enjoy!

– Mason & Megan